My quotes

“Love is an emblem of charity, priceless and free.” 28.06.2011 01:02am at Falaises, Lausanne, Switzerland

“Loving me today is enough for me.”

“The problem with lazy people is that they don’t value time.”

“Both King Nebuchadnezzar and Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr had dreams. The difference is that King Nebuchadnezzar had a night dream and Dr. Martin had a day dream.”

“If you want to become a writer, don’t say “I want to be a writer” but just write, “I want to be a writer” and you are.”

“It’s a waste of time to disbelief God at least one day you’ll wake up to see Him”

“God gave us equal opportunities and man gave us survival of the fittest.”

“Be less busy else someone will use up all your time”

“Offer last now!”

“Write everything, someone reads anything”

“One word makes us genuine humans and that word is love”

“René Descartes (1596–1650), the French philosopher,  said, “I think, therefore I am” and now he’s not because he can’t think.”

“Never love what you can do better, but love that which sucks your energy.”

“A hypocrite is he that is not what you think is.”

“Failure is just the beginning point of thinking great.”

“Life though sometimes unfair, is all that we’ve got.” —At Yeji, 09/03/2010

“In my own way, I’ve learned to believe that, we always grow to regret what we neglected doing.” —Sabbath morning, 04/06/09 at Yeji

“Whenever we lie, we deceive our own selves.” —04/07/09. 22:14pm

“Best things out of better things are good.” —29/12/08. 22:18pm

“You have every right to be angry but know that anger ills and kills.”

“Whatever we see goes inside us.” @ Yeji 13/03/2010 Sabbath afternoon

“There is no greater enemy than your past. It stares sternly at you and sometimes cause you to stumble in twilight.”

“The only thing that comes between I and you is love; and that’s my committment to you. “I love you.”” —10/03/2010 at Yeji

“Atheletes give m much inspiration because the last person even wants to finish hard.” — 11/03/2010 at Yeji 16:12pm

“It makes sense to trust in God, after all there’s nothing trustworthy aside Him.” —11/03/2010 at Yeji 16:20pm

“If death was to be a mouse trap, all of us would have died because even now, it is our unrestrained appetite that is killing millions.” —11/03/2010 at Yeji 16:31pm

“There is no better award for man after his toil below here than R.I.P” — 12/03/2010 at Yeji 00:14am

“It’s love, don’t laugh”

“Yourself in a mirror is a good friend. He’ll always tell you what to do.” —21:39pm at Yeji 19/03/2010

“At least all of us must fall once to hear the earth.” —12/03/2010 at Yeji 13:56pm

“Knoweledge is just a combination of  pieces of ideas, just like David’s coat of many colors.” —12/03/2010 at Yeji 10:38am

“Our generation can boast of a dozen scholars who have done little to uplift the works of Christian standards; neither have they themselves submitted to the ruling of the Bible. This injustice to God’s church and scripture is an abomination and reprobate to God.” – Quote from my professional growth Bible lecture series presentation

“You were not born Christ, neither were you born Paul or can you be them. But one thing is certain, you can live their lives and be the next model.” At Yeji, 08:44am 31/03/2010

The poisnous snakes of the world are insincere men pretending to be sincere.” University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 09:29am,  24/11/2010



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