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Don’t compromise Jesus Christ with Muhammed

There is a growing syncretic ideology that tries to put at par Jesus Christ with Muhammed as messengers sent by God. This ideology designates Jesus Christ as a prophet, sent with a special message to the Jews in His own time. The ideology also postulates that Muhammed is the last prophet sent to all people in … Continue reading

Who is humble?

Who is a humble person? How do we assess our own humility? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines humility as  “the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people.” That is a wonderful definition. But we normally don’t get it this way. Traditionally, we have come to understand humility as a life of melancholy … Continue reading

Who is preaching? Does this matter at all?

Does it matter who is speaking? Who preached today? “Oh yes I like that preacher!” etc. When did we become so concerned about the preacher for the service? Aren’t we fantasizing preachers? Samuel Beckett, of whom Foucault quoted in his article “What is an author?” said “’What does it matter who is speaking,’ someone said, … Continue reading

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