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Kind words are sweet to the soul


Have you ever found the miraculous art of creation in the people around you? Just listen the reason why you cannot see:

You’re so much focused on criticism, assessment of individuals’ faults and prejudices. You’re much focused on what people did wrongly. You concern yourself by defining a person or your neighbor by his/her faults. In a sincere way, you have become epidemic of faults. You’re like a cop patrolling for faults of persons. But what have you achieved by this? Nothing! You’ve achieved nothing but talking about friends and a hypocritical self-presentation. You pretend to love them but your thoughts are judging you as being fake. Hey look, it’s not about them but it’s all about you and your thought development. You

can’t tell them the good words that build their courage and self-esteem, like you are beautiful-handsome, kind, lovely, sincere, faithful, dynamic, reliable, trustworthy, helpful, listener, polite, humble, brave, etc. etc. The problem is you’ve developed a cancerous infection in your thoughts which needs to be quarantined.  So what can you do now?

Here is the key: “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” ~ Proverbs 16, 24

Have you noticed how a simple word can send someone to an early grave? And have

you also observed how a simple word can uplift a broken heart?

When I celebrated my recent birthday, I received a mail from a colleague minister who was wishing me a happy belated birthday. Just at the bottom of his message, he wrote “I appreciate you.” These simple words always resonate in my heart. It uplifts my soul anytime I recall them to memory.

Friends, by encouraging words and loving one another through acceptance, we can find radiance of beauty in each one of us. When friends commit certain faults, let us with love correct them. Let us in love help them to understand why the fault is unacceptable. By this, we can keep a lot of friends in our hearts even though they might be miles and distance away.

Today, choose some of your friends that you’ve tagged a negative word against him/her and write down just 5 good things about them. Send it to them and see how they will respond. Can you see how beautiful they are?


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