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In the image of God

A friend asked this question on the Adventists’ Sabbath School blog, “So if we were/are made in the image of God as Adam. why are we different e.g Whites & Black people, was Adam black or white?” And below was my simple answer:

The issue of color has to do with geographical settlement in relation to the sun, the kind of food eaten by the people and their daily lifestyle. Procreation through biological or DNA fussion may contribute a lot because even a tree that bears same fruit may not have same taste.

But most importantly, to be in the image of God is not biological resemblance, rather, a reflection of inherent “being”. We were made in His image to possess certain attitudes and character. The reason why the fall is serious is that, fallen humanity portrays a bad image of a good God. We lost His glory and through that men can’t see the true God in us. They only see animalism. How on earth can one say we came from apes? Because he sees animalism in humanity. We cannot reflect Him. Hence, only through revelation can humanity come to know His full glory. I hope this helps.


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