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Our intelligent ignorance

“‘Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1: 22

The human mind in all time is the greatest thing that can be taught of after God. Am afraid of the days ahead of us. Should peradventure man becomes the center of the universe, this great mechanism will bring a terrible destruction upon the face of the earth. For this reason, am against any human order that tries to centralize universal power from once source. Such an institution, trying to be like God to control all, will employ what the human mind can do in the areas of Science and Technology, Relgion and Theology, and in Politics to curve the order. As appealing as it might appear, because of laxity on the part of the majority, many  will wake up to find themselves in chains. We are actually in an age of intelligent ingorance. We know a lot but don’t know where we are heading towards.

Our intelligence and technical know-how is just a fun in our hands. The more we get fascinated about these funs, the more we loose sight of durable and eternal things. High risk of curiosity has cast a shadow on our commitment. We change but never okay. Our search for endurance has been invested in temporal merry making. We are tired of friendship, family, relationship, marriage, spiritual and societal values. As though we can fix all our numerous challenges and fears we have sold our health into captivity finding pleasure in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, etc. In our wisdom, we have become fools living as though tomorrow does not exist.

Our laws are parenting our children living us as sponsors rather. Our children dream decades ahead but do not leave to come in. We have develop speed to go to other planets but too slow to understand our condition. We have sold our conscience to politicians who plunge our society into liberal and practical immorality.

Now where are the rules of the game? There is in fact none. Whatever works for you is the highest good. We are so far not ignorant of the consequences but stupidly don’t blame ourselves. We are so blind and weak to turn around. Egotism has made us even comfortable with injustice. The problem with our society has become like a movie. The cry of the poor, economic crisis, murder and crime, wars and conflicts, high mortality rate, family breakdowns, horror and terror – all form part of the setting. Our own movie is before us but sadly we have lost our script. Life has lost its substance. We have lost our compassionate sentiments and developed a skeptical attitude towards our ownselves. In our attempt to reject God, we have become enemies to ourselves. We have rather betrayed our own lives to eternal damnation.

As I witness people in their dieing beds (children, young and aged) one thing always come to my mind that “The greatest deception ever is when a man thinks that his will is so powerful that he can live by own choices.” Our dependence on natural gifts (air, sunlight, water, food etc) suggest a moral order of existence. We live on a borrowed life. We may find it hard to understand but we cannot deny it either.


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