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What mean you, O sleeper? The danger of too much comfortability (Part 1).

by Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 11:43pm

 This evening our Youth program has given me a lot of inspiration and I would like to share with each one of you.

We know the story of Jonah. At a very verge of destruction for the people of Neneveh, Jonah was called by God to send messages of warning and deliverance to the people of Nineveh. But Jonah seeing the task to be deadly, chose to decline the assignment by denying his post even as a prophet.

He went and took a ship to run away from the sight of God.  In the course of the voyage, there was a great tempest on the sea. The traverlers, being fervent religious men and women, began to call on their gods. They employed all sailing techniques to get the ship ashore but only saw themselves nearing vanquish.

Jonah, the fugitive and author of the calamity, had gone down and laid completly asleep. The great tempest never disturbed his sleep let alone the cries of desperating dieing men. The captain seeking more rescue advantages came across Jonah and in a gasp of astonishment screamed, “What mean you, O sleeper.” (Jonah 1:6 KJ200)

Anyone one of us would be shocked at such a sight. My personal reaction would have been a big “What!!!? or How?”. Is so interesting to note that, it was this sleeper, Jonah, who was the cause and at the same time had the key to the rescue of the travelers.

Note: In his personal comfortability, people were risking death; both in the ship and Neneveh.

Anyway let’s hold on for some minutes. Aren’t we too asleep like Jonah in this turbulence of global crisis today? European economic breakdown (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, UK), Social crisis (terrorism, bombings in Oslo, drought in Somalia, poverty), Political instability (La Cote d’Ivoir, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Congo), Natural disasters (Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclaire explosions-Japan, global warming and cooling) etc. Americans are cutting down expenditure, closing down scholarship schemes and going for more loans. The technological race between Apple and Microsoft, Internet explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, Facebook versus Google, Yahoo versus Gmail, Hackers versus IT Developers etc. There is indeed a great tempest. The world seems to be reaching at a breaking point.

This confusion is not of the world alone but also in religions. Diversity in religion, doctrinal differences, false prophets and their strong influence, Islamic influence, influence of atheism in Europe, merging of Biblical theology and Tradition, Evangelical influence of ecumenism, etc.

Like the men in the ship, each one today is trying to find solutions to the many problems. Switzerland has declared declining from nuclaire, the EU is finding all possible means to stabilize economy among its member states. The technological industries are trying to unite in modeling and style. New ideas, inovations, common grounds, unification, all equaling to the NEW WORLD ORDER, Religio-political force (false) Agenda of one world, one God, One source of power.

At this critical moment, where are the men? Where are the prophets and preachers? Where are the Christians? All like Jonah, are comfortably asleep. We are comfortable with whatever is happening around. We have lost sight of the words of Jesus in Mathew 24. Even though all these signs are happening, we have conveniently resorted to scientific explanations and therefore have entrusted confidence in men to help give us solutions. But the truth is, Christians are the salt and light of the world (Mathew 5:13,14).

What mean you, O Sleeper? Shall be continued….


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