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Don’t worry!

by Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi on Saturday, 31 July 2010 at 23:00

WORRYING is the worst thing to happen to a person This is because worrying gives you a reason to die without hope. Though disgusting, writing about worrying can fetch you a bunch of cheques you didn’t think of. Why? Because everyone is worried about something. Aside its cash pay offs, its good talking about its scary effects on a person. I am drawn to the subject of worrying because it nearly killed me.

Worrying eats up slowly like HIV/AID’s. This might seem exaggeratively incomparable to someone but hey, believe me, worrying is a killer. Before I tell you what happened to me, let us look at this story in the Bible. When you read Luke 22:44, we are told Jesus prayed and his sweat was like “drops of blood.” Can you imagine that? From the King James Version of the Bible translation, it reads “and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood.”

Do you know that blood is thicker than water? But how come Jesus’ sweat dropped like blood? The answer is found in the same verse. He was in “anguish.” Anguish made his sweat dropped like blood.

From the dictionary, anguish means ” (n.) Extreme pain, either of body or mind; excruciating distress.” “To distress with extreme pain or grief.” Any time we worry, we experience anguish. This is what happened to Jesus. He couldn’t bear the heaviness of the pain and shame that stood as a cross before Him.

To worry is when you feel that there is no way out in whatever is happening to you. Or when you perceive its all over for you in your journey through. It may be a great loss or broken relationship. Maybe some sort of terminal sickness. Whatever has planted grief and despair within you is what am talking about.

I never knew I could sunk so low in too much worrying. But I’ve been to the abyss of it and still alive. I cried and no one heard me. I slept in the coldness of my sweat and got no heat. My heart kept on racing inside me because I felt the horror of worry inside me. I couldn’t eat, grow, focus, read, and pray. I became irritate. I experienced headaches, catarrh, fever and mild stomach pains. Malaria took advantage of it and suarezed my health and enthusiasm. I was a bag of fatality. I nearly died but something happened to me.

Let us look one more time to our biblical text. “And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly” NIV. Jesus overcame anguish through earnest prayer. I saw that I cannot do anything about my broken heart than to pray. I sent my worries in a mail bag to Jesus. I fasted and prayed more earnestly. I committed myself to the study of His word. Then came the answer. I was drawn to this verse, “For God so love the world, that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

That day, I saw that God loves me so much. Irrespective of who I am, He loves me that He gave His only Son for me. I also saw that God didn’t want me to perish. He wished life for me. Oh praise the Lord! I jumped. I leaped. “God’s love is the perfect one.” Now I’m free. The future is so bright with hope.

My good friend, please don’t worry. Somebody loves you so much. You are special to Him. Whatever is worrying you, just tell it to Him in prayer, He cares for you. Don’t worry!


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