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Hot potatoes are not the cause of your anger

Making sure you’re not angry can be stressful especially when one finds it hard to overcome the compulsion of anger. How I wish that I could have built some kind of a conservative defense against this high irresistibility of anger; but from all indications anger is not only destructive but no one likes it; even to the addicted.

So many anger prone victims have resulted to volumes of books on anger management just to kick away the demon of anger within them in seven days but sooner see themselves doing worse than before. What I want to say is, it’s hard to quit chronic anger and there’s no remorseful life pettier than foul temperament.

For me, when my mom serve me hot potatoes, (though she knows I dislike hot potatoes) and get mad at her, I end up hurting her more than myself. However, I’ll take it cool to let the hot potatoes cool down alike. Afterwards I’ll eat my potatoes with a healthy heart.

Persons who want to quit anger must know that it’s not what the other person has done, but how you respond matters more importantly. If we need any dignity at all, then self consciousness is the image we must behold first when anger spread its net over us.

The things that you think upset you are the hot potatoes you dislike. Nevertheless, they are not the cause of your anger, but it’s all about you and your hot temper. Forget about the hot potatoes and smile as if it’s funny.

“Be angry; but do not sin; do not let the sun set on your anger…” —Ephesians 4: 26


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