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…you have nothing written, unless you write it

Having something said is one thing and writing it is another. However, they are indispensable. The idea of what is written is either what was said or intended saying.

Knowledge primarily is based on what is both said or written. When a deaf person signs, he/she communicates an intent. When a baby cries, he/she communicates an intent. Likewise writing. But how easily we forget what is said?

In the world of writing, you both establish your words and a memory of you. Actually what made Socrates, Plato, Isaac Newton (just to mention a few)? They said, and it was written. They wrote and it was said.

In the Bible, we saw both Jesus and Satan making use of what was written (Mathew 4). How easily the disciples forgot about all the good news about Jesus’ resurrection? (Luke 24).  But with writing Paul and the other apostles could leave a long impression upon the minds of their followers. (2 Peter 3:1)

Guess what I mean. Whatever comes on my mind, I will write it. By this I can say it well. The only way to get remembered is to go writing. Either written after saying or saying after writing. Any side goes.

I’m not so in-depth-ed about the importance of writing, but I know is a means to preserve something good that the grave would have made nothing of it.

In the famous “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962), we see Lawrence trying to save Gasim after being lurked behind. But Prince Feisal and Sherif Ali tried to withstand his intention fearing he might got killed by the desert’s fatal scorch.

Prince Feisal: “Gasim’s time has come, Lawrence. It is written.
Lawrence: “Nothing is written.”
Sherif Ali: “You will not be at Aqaba, English! Go back, blasphemer… but you will not be at Aqaba!”
T.E. Lawrence: “I shall be at Aqaba. That is written.” [pointing to his forehead] “in here.”

Lawrence went back and through the severe blast of the fiery sun, he rescued Gasim. And this is what Sherif Ali said straight in his face:

Truly, for some men nothing is written unless they write it.

And you too have nothing written, unless you write it. Now!


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2 thoughts on “…you have nothing written, unless you write it

  1. This is really perfect and I like the conclusion with Lawrence of Arabia. It’s a funny movie but full of thoughts. I guess I must start writing now!

    Posted by Priscilla | March 11, 2010, 11:39 am

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