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Albert Einstein was asked by his hostess at a social gathering to explain his theory of relativity. Said the great mathematician,

“Madam, I was once walking in the country on a hot day with a blind friend, and said that I would like a drink of milk.”

“Milk?” said my friend, “Drink I know; but what is milk?”

“A white liquid,” I replied.

“Liquid I know; but what is white?”

“The colour of a swan’s feathers.”

“Feathers I know; what is a swan?”

“A bird with a crooked neck.”

“Neck I know; but what is this crooked?”

“Thereupon I lost patience. I seized his arm and straightened it. “That’s straight,” I said; and then I bent it at the elbow. “That’s crooked.”

“Ah!” said the blind man, “Now I know what you mean by milk!”

For so many instances, people have interrogated me with lots of questions that demanded good reasoning. Sometimes I have to get into interviews to solicit opinions.

But recently, I have decided to deal with my own questions. At least solving my own personal questions will relief me 0.001% of the stress I go through each minute with other people’s questions.

One of the good means to grab life by the horn is to attempt to solve questions that probe as a result of your daily life challenges. Every step in life comes with a question. And the next step must be the answer.

There is always an answer. But you’ll get it by searching or asking. People may be upset with your too many questions but you don’t sink below less than asking few questions.

For me I’ll ask you a question and demand an answer. Even now, What is your perplexing question? Have you made an attempt to solve it? I can help!


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